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What should I Expect when I Meet with the VEP Attorneys?

What should I Expect when I Meet with the VEP Attorneys?

What To Expect From Vertical Estate Planning

At VEP we try to make everyone comfortable in our office and with the Estate Planning process. We have water, soft-drinks, coffee, and snacks readily available.

During our initial consultation we will ask a lot of questions.

Your initial consultation typically lasts about an hour and a half.

This consultation allows you to tell us about you, and your family dynamics. Understanding you and who you are allows us to understand your needs, your wants, and the desires you have for your family.

We recognize that there are no two families that are exactly alike and therefore there is not a one size fits all Estate plan. For example, some families have children with special needs, disabled siblings or spouses that need special attention.


What is the “VEP” Process?

VEP uses a three stage (3 meeting) process when customizing your estate planning needs:


Meeting #1:

Planning Development – During your initial consultation or planning development session we will work directly with you to develop a plan to provide you with “Peace of Mind” knowing that your affairs are in order.

During this “Peace of Mind” consultation, you will have the opportunity to tell us your concerns, your wishes, and your goals and from that information. Before this meeting is over, we will provide you with options to obtain your goals work just for you and your situation.

Once we determine your estate planning needs/options, a flat rate price will be given to you for consideration.

VEP does not subscribe to a typical hourly attorney rate. VEP uses a flat rate fee so that when you leave your planning session, you will know the entire price of the services from beginning to the end before you leave. If you have questions, we want you to ask them without worry of additional fees.


Meeting #2

Plan Execution – During the plan execution meeting, documents are reviewed, perfected, and signed. Sometimes this may involve two visits. The second visit is the time to review the trust with other, non-grantor trustees if that is your desire.


Meeting #3

Plan Implementation – This visit will involves funding your trust, executing deeds, changing beneficiaries and/or adding pay on death (beneficiary) to bank accounts.

  • With proper planning you will be able to direct your assets where you desire.
  • If you desire that your child receive inheritance in monthly payments instead of a lump sum, we can do that.
  • If you want to impose conditions on receiving inheritance, we can do that, too.


The old saying that you cannot control things from the grave is not true. If you want control, we can give it to you.

Part of making sure your assets go where you want them is being proactive and doing the planning. The sooner you begin the more ways there will be to assist you. VEP makes it our business to know how to assist you.

Estate planning is what we do and what we study. This allows us to provide a wide range of solutions to achieve your goals.

We assist you to ensure that your assets go where you want, when you want and in the way you want!

Do I Need Estate Planning?

The State of Alabama provides an estate plan for everyone. It is a one size, and it fits everyone. Fits everyone? Not really.

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