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Vertical Estate Planning Mission

Vertical Estate Planning, LLC (VEP) is committed to you in reaching your Estate Planning needs by addressing your concerns and crafting a customized plan to address your concerns and reach your goals.

At VEP we believe that Estate Planning should be proactive and not reactive. It is much easier to plan now for the future. VEP customizes your Estate Planning and address all possible scenarios that life can throw at you.

Proactive Estate Planning ultimately occurs when you are Vertical living, working, enjoying life.

Reactive Estate Planning is never preferred. Reactive Estate Planning when you are faced with a debilitating injury, disease, or need to make emergency life altering decisions that affect you, your family and your legacy is never preferred.

We believe that waiting until you are Horizontal (down, sick, in a nursing home or at death) is not the time to make decisions of this magnitude.

We know that the key to success in Estate Planning is all about “Planning for the worst-case scenario, while hoping for the best!”

VEP has built its name by providing one on one customized education and planning to assist families in working through a plan that allows for protecting and maintaining the assets you have worked for all your life to acquire.

We use our knowledge experience and education to create an Estate

Plan that protects your assets from disability, divorce, and government benefits. We successfully craft, customized strategies that allow your assets to pass seamlessly to your family, your loved ones, and/or the charity/s of your choosing.

Our goal is directly related to your goals… Allowing you to live comfortably and peacefully today while leaving a legacy to your family long after you are gone.

In addition to Asset Protection, we pride ourselves in creating a custom plan that allows you to maintain your dignity in the later years of life.

Planning NOW allows for “Dignity” later.

Dignity to make our own choices!

Dignity to remain in control of our assets!

Dignity knowing that our wishes will be followed!

Dignity to live or die on your terms chosen by You!

“Our Team at VEP” works with “YOUR TEAM”

[“YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FINANCIAL & TAX ADVISORS”] to craft the Estate Plan that Protects your Assets as well as your Dignity.

Do I Need Estate Planning?

The State of Alabama provides an estate plan for everyone. It is a one size, and it fits everyone. Fits everyone? Not really.

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